Customer survey RESER 2020

1. How would you rate the overall communication between you and your RESER sales representative?
2. How would you rate the responsiveness of your sales representative?
3. Are you satisfied with the status updates you receive from RESER during the order process?
4. Can you suggest any co-workers that may benefit from our services?
5. How would you rate RESER refurbishment quality?
6. How would you rate the overall lead-time?
7. Are you satisfied with the documentation you receive with a refurbished product?
8. How would you rate RESER’S responsiveness in case of issues?
9. How would you rate the quality of RESER phone support?
10. How would you rate RESER's on-site support?
11. Based on your knowledge about other refurbishment companies how would you rate RESER?
12. What do you like about RESER?
13. In order to better assist you what improvements could RESER make?
14. Do you have suggestions for other products that need refurbishment?
15. Are you interested in setting up a conference call (MS teams meeting) for an update about RESER and to discuss your needs?
16. Is the overall need for robot refurbishments at your site decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic?
17. Do you like receiving monthly updates through our info bulletin mailings?
18. Do you wish to follow us on LinkedIn ?
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